Issue 3, Summer 2003

Plan Ahead! Out and About in Arizona

Hikes, Day Trips, Classes, Wildife Watching, and More…

August 29 – September 1. Wilderness Boundary Survey. Chiricahua Mountains. Join the Sky Island Alliance as we revisit a favorite haunt! We will be camping in Pinery Canyon and looking at the northern boundary of the existing Chiricahua Wilderness. Trogons! Ridge-nose rattlers! Coatis! 2.5 hours from Tucson. Contact Trevor

September 6. Granite Mountain Wilderness "Adpot a Trail" day. AWC will be working on restoring many parts of this heavily used trail inside Granite Mountain Wilderness. Call Jason Williams for more information: 928-717-6076.

September 12 – 14. Riparian Inventory and Monitoring Weekend. San Rafael Valley. Join the Sky Island Alliance’s Riparian Inventory/Monitoring Program in a project to assess the San Rafael Valley as a site for the conservation and management of our sensitive riparian fauna. 2.0 hours from Tucson. Contact Trevor

September 19 – 20. Fourth Annual Sedona EcoFest, Sedona, Arizona. Join us for this exciting perfoming arts event that promotes ecological education. Visit for more information.

September 19 – 21. Tumacacori Mountains Roads Inventory and Advocacy Trip. Threatened Landscape! Join us as we inventory the roads on the South and West side of the Tumacacori Mountains. On Sunday we will have a presentation on the area and natural history hikes. The Tumacacori Mountains are one of the most sub-tropical and species-diverse mountain ranges in the US. 2.0 hours from Tucson. Contact Trevor

September 20 – 21. The Sierra Club's Grand Canyon Capter Wilderness Committee has scheduled a service trip in the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness. Training for Wilderness stewards will be scheduled later this summer. Please e-mail Michelle Pulich at for more information.

October 5 – 6. Roads, Riparian Areas and Biological Surveys. Peloncillo Mountains and San Bernardino Valley. The Peloncillos are the only Sky Island mountain range that stretches from Mexico to the Gila River! We will be doing a variety of work both in the mountains and down in the valley. 4.0 hours from Tucson. Contact Trevor

October 10 –12. Sky Island Festival. Stay tuned for lots of big adventures! Parties! Lectures! Hikes! Contact Trevor

October 17 –20 . Joint New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and Sky Island Alliance Trip to the Burro Mountains. Help us finish the roads surveys of the Burros, a gorgeous mountain range just south and west of Silver City. 3.0 hours from Tucson. Contact Trevor