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BLM Lake Havasu Field Office RMP

The Bureau of Land Management –Lake Havasu Field Office (LHFO) is holding a series of public outreach meetings to review their scoping report and to develop alternatives for their Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Lake Havasu region. The LHFO office manages 1.4 million acres in central western Arizona.

Last year, the BLM LHFO conducted scoping to identify the pertinent issues for their RMP. The Arizona Wilderness Coalition, the Center for Biological Diversity, and many other groups and individuals sent in valuable comments urging the BLM to further protect their lands through designation of wilderness study areas and protection of wilderness and identified wild and scenic rivers. Thanks to the numerous comments, the BLM will be considering Wilderness Study Area and Wild and Scenic River designation among the possible alternatives for their RMP.

The BLM LHFO just completed its second round of public meetings for the LHFO RMP. They discussed their scoping report and asked for suggestions for alternatives. The BLM will be accepting written comments for ideas for alternatives and responses to the first scoping stage until March 24th. Please comment—it makes a huge difference!

Your comments and support are even more valuable in some respects in western Arizona due to the lower number of conservation-friendly citizens. Every voice and every letter is extremely valuable in this process. The BLM responds to the public input favorably if the message is strong enough. We have a very strong case for new Wilderness Study Areas in the Lake Havasu BLM region. Please show your support for wilderness now in this critical stage.

The next stage of this BLM planning process will be in April when the next series of public meetings will occur. There will be a notice posted when those dates are finalized and when the format of the meetings is decided. We’ll keep you informed!

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