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Linking You to the World of Wilderness

Check out these helpful links for learning more about the history of wilderness, groups with national, regional, and local focuses, species that rely on wilderness, and other interesting sites that promote the conservation of wilderness in the United States and throughout the world.

Regional and Local Groups

Sky Island Alliance is an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of native biological diversity in the sky islands of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection is currently working to establish the strongest species and habitat protections possible under the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and continued enjoyment of New Mexico's wild lands and Wilderness Areas.

Based in Tucson with offices throughout the west, the Center for Biological Diversity is working to secure a future for animals and plants hovering on the brink of extinction by combining conservation biology with litigation, policy advocacy, and an innovative strategic vision.

Prescott College is a private, four-year liberal arts college in the mountains of central Arizona that also houses the Western Deserts and Central Mountains/Sonoran regional offices of the Arizona Wilderness Coalition. Environmental studies, field work, and liberal arts curriculums are emphasized.

Southwest Rivers is working to conserve, protect, and restore the Colorado River.

The Flagstaff Activist Network (F.A.N.) is a network of groups and individuals who demonstrate their commitment to the Earth by defending cultural diversity, ecological health and natural beauty.

Forest Guardians is leading the fight to protect and restore the forests, rivers, grasslands, wildlife and wilderness of the Southwest.

Grand Canyon Trust protects and restores the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau.

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council’s vision is weaving science, passion and integrity to save and heal wild nature in the Grand Canyon region.

The McDowell Sonoran Land Trust is committed to preserving the Sonoran Desert and its Mountains for the benefit of this and all future generations.

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance's overarching goal is to protect Utah's remaining nine million acres of wild desert lands - lands owned by the American public and administered on our behalf by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The Nevada Wilderness Project works on the preservation of Nevada’s outstanding wild ands through their incorporation into the National Wilderness Preservation System.

The Oregon Natural Desert Association's mission is to protect, defend and restore the health of Oregon's native deserts.

National Groups

The Wilderness Society works to protect America’s wilderness and to develop a nation-wide network of wild lands through public education, scientific analysis, and advocacy.

The Campaign for America’s Wilderness works with people like you to permanently protect America’s wild places for future generations.

The Rewilding Institute develops and promotes ideas and strategies to advance continental-scale conservation in North America, particularly the need for large carnivores and a permeable landscape for their movement.

The Wildlands Project is working to restore and protect the natural heritage of North America; publishers of Wild Earth Journal. - a site that heightens the wilderness dialogue, worldwide.

Wilderness Watch is the only national organization whose sole focus is the preservation and proper stewardship of the lands and rivers already included in the National Wilderness Preservation System and National Wild & Scenic River System.

WILD PAC is the first and only professional political organization dedicated solely to supporting proven leaders and electing new champions at the federal, state, and local levels who will defend and advocate protection of America's public lands, particularly Wilderness.

The Wilderness Trust forms part of a global network that aims to protect worldwide wilderness by educating people about wilderness benefits, providing opportunities to experience it, and campaigning for wilderness preservation.

The Sierra Club - America’s oldest environmental advocacy group. Explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth.

Heritage Forests Campaign is an alliance of conservationists, wildlife advocates, clergy, educators, scientists, and other Americans working together to uphold protection of our National Forests.

The Trust for Public Land helps conserve land for recreation and spiritual nourishment and to improve the health and quality of life of American communities.

The Orion Society's mission is to inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.

Leave No Trace, Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring outdoor recreation through education, research, and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation, and respect for our wild lands.

Flora and Fauna Groups

The Audubon Society is dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife and the habitat that supports them, using a national network of community-based Audubon nature centers and chapters in 27 states, including Arizona.

The mission of Bat Conservation International is to protect and restore bats and their habitats worldwide. Many bat species are found in Arizona.

The Center for Plant Conservation conserves and restores the rare native plants of the United States.

The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project is a southwest regional coalition working to restore wolves to their historic home throughout the Grand Canyon ecoregion.

Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife native to Arizona, educating today's youth on the importance of native wildlife and the environment, and encouraging educational career opportunities in environmental science.

Wild At Heart is dedicated to limiting the further loss of Arizona’s birds of prey.

The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation is dedicated to preserving biodiversity through grassroots conservation programs rooted in sound science.

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.

The National Wildlife Federation unites individuals, organizations, businesses and government to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment.

Recreation and Outdoor Groups

Peak to Peak - Thousands of wilderness trails and peaks to choose from!

Wilderness Inquiry provides outdoor adventure for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, including people with disabilities.

Wilderness Trekkers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and promotion of the responsible use and enjoyment of the outdoors.

The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) is the premier teacher of outdoor skills and leadership, offering courses in the world’s most spectacular wilderness classrooms. Their Southwest branch is based in Tucson.

The Public Lands Information Center offers detailed information about recreation on public lands in the United States and also has a thorough database of other recreational links to the outdoors.

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